Netherlands: Referee-VAR audio footage of penalty incident

The Dutch FA published the audio footage of the penalty incident that occurred recently in the first division match played between Ajax and Heerenveen ( Match officials involved: Serdar Gözübüyük (referee, photo), Dennis Higler (VAR), Angelo Boonman (AVAR).

Referee: No, No, No, No; play on.
VAR: Possible foul.
Referee: Just a football contact.
VAR: Play back, play back, I want to see it large.
Referee: Dennis, there is contact, just a football contact. See how easy he is falling. Play on
VAR: I want to see a total view. Angelo, what’s your opinion? The ball is now out of play. What’s your opinion Angelo?
AVAR: Show me the replay.
VAR: Serdar, wait with the restart!
Referee: Yes, Yes.
AVAR: He thinks it’s a football contact, but the goalkeeper missed the ball and touched the player. Yes, let’s do an OFR.
VAR: Serdar, Serdar, you think it is a football contact, but I think the ball is gone without being touched by the goalkeeper and then he hits the player. I ask you to do an OFR.
Referee: Where do you see doubt?
VAR: I think you have to do an OFR.
Referee: OK, I do an OFR.
During OFR
VAR: You see a moment in the replay when the ball is gone. Striker was not able to get to the ball.
Referee: I watch, I know. See how he comes in? Where does the goalkeeper touch the striker? What else could the goalkeeper do?
VAR: Goalkeeper does not touch the ball.
Referee: I know, but look at the football duel. Do you have other views? Behind the goal? I want to see the legs, is there a touch?
VAR: The body is the point of contact, neither feet, nor legs.
Referee: OK, he is too late
VAR: You get the ‘’in-goal camera’’.
Referee: He’s too late. No, No; this is too easy for a penalty. Let’s play on.