Refereeing crash between Brych and Zwayer?

Following the match between Serbia and Switzerland at the World Cup, the German top referees Felix Brych and Felix Zwayer are currently not talking to each other. Why is that? According to Bild, the German World Cup referee Felix Brych is mad at his colleague Felix Zwayer. He is said to be responsible for the fact that FIFA sent Brych home from the World Cup in Russia so early. But what is it exactly?
Brych refereed the match between Serbia and Switzerland in the group stage and Zwayer was the video assistant referee. One thing is clear: Brych missed a penalty during this game for Serbia and was then exposed to fierce criticism. Did Brych ignore a radio message from Zwayer? The report said that someone from the inner circle of FIFA then spread the information that video assistant referee Zwayer had told his colleague Brych to look at the scene himself, but he ignored the radio message. However, according to Bild, that is not right! There was definitely no hint from Zwayer, who let down his colleague. Since that game, there is silence between the two German referees.

Source: SportBuzzer