Marelli: A serious VAR error in Brazil - Belgium?

Former Serie A referee Luca Marelli analyzed the most important moment of the quarter-final Brazil - Belgium, when Gabriel Jesus falls to the ground after a contract with the Belgian captain Kompany. Mazic immediately indicates goal kick, among the protests of Brazilian players. The contact leaves room for doubt: was it a foul with the ball on the pitch or already out? In the two still images are reported the moments of the two separate contacts between Kompany and Gabriel Jesus. The first happens with the ball on the field, the second with the ball already clearly out. 
Is there a foul on the first contact? Very few doubts: the last two images are linked to the first picture, with the ball clearly in play. Kompany carries out a tackle with his right leg, which completely lacks the ball going to impact Gabriel Jesus' right ankle. 
On the second contact we can discuss for hours, but it would become a discussion of style since the decisive moment is the previous one. The position of Mazic is interesting: he is far from the action, blocked by a Belgian player. Impossible that he could see with absolute certainty what happened. Is this a clear and obvious mistake? The answer, even in this case, is affirmative: we are facing an obvious oversight that should have been corrected by the VAR. After almost two minutes of waiting, Mazic gets the endorsement of the decision taken by the VAR room, allowing the restart of the game with a goal kick. It was a decision that, in reality, caught everyone by surprise. This is a mistake that is easy enough to identify. It remains to understand what happened in the VAR room. From the beginning there was a certain excitement, particularly between Orsato (VAR) and Zwayer (German referee with the function of AVAR 3, a sort of supervisor with the specific task of checking that the protocol is used within the permitted limits). It is clear that between the two of them there is diversity of views. After having noticed a particular moment, it seems certain that Orsato's intention was to call Mazic to "on field review".
There is a still image (from the video you notice that the action has been stopped) and we can see that the ball is clearly within the playing field. For this reason we deduce that Orsato had deemed Kompany's first tackle irregular and decided to recommend the review. The discussion has been going on for a while (about a minute) and it immediately became apparent that Orsato and Zwayer disagreed with the choice to be made. 
In the end they decide not to call Mazic to the review and Orsato does not bother to avoid a gesture of disappointment. The gestures are fundamental in this case: the raised palm indicating the surprise of Orsato not finding the agreement of Zwayer that, in the end, manages to impose its vision. The major responsibility is certainly of Zwayer who, in the role of AVAR 3, has definitely gone beyond his duties, invading the sphere of expertise of Orsato, chosen as VAR. But it cannot be overlooked that even Orsato, precisely because of his position as VAR, had to insist on advising his colleague on the field to carry out an "on field review".

Source: Luca Marelli