Referee attacked by players in Chile

With football still reeling from the shocking death of a linesman in Holland last month, it seems the message of respect hasn't filtered down as far as Chile. Footage has emerged from a regional game in the South American country which ended with sickening scenes of violence. 
The match, a final between Baquedano and Pablo Lizama, was in extra time when chaos erupted after one player took particular exception to a decision. What followed will send shivers down the spines of officials everywhere. After seemingly cooling tensions - with the help of some of the players - a fan broke onto the pitch and kicked out at the linesman. The referee was then set upon by those from Pablo Lizama after calling a halt to proceedings. The melee, involving men and women, left the man in the middle barely conscious while his assistant suffered bleeding to the face and a few missing teeth. 
The incident was a reminder of the appalling story of Richard Nieuwenhuizen, a linesman who was beaten to death by three teens after a youth match in Holland. The trio have been charged with manslaughter, assault and public violence after the atrocious attack that shocked the country.

Source: Daily Mail