"Chiquimarco" must repeat the Mexican fitness test

Referee Marco Rodriguez, who received his 2013 FIFA badge on Tuesday, failed the national fitness test that requires 13 laps to be completed, according to the Mexican regulations, as opposed to only 10 laps required by FIFA. 
The Mexican Football Federation issued a statement clarifying the situation of Rodriguez, noting that Tuesday was only a practice for him, as he had a different preparation because of his participation in the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup. "The preparation of Marco Rodriguez was not the same as the rest of the referees, who had a pre-season camp in December, because he represented CONCACAF and the Mexican Football Federation at the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup held in Japan. Rodriguez will run his official fitness tests on Thursday. Earlier this week, he finished 10 laps and was reported ready to pass the test. Another FIFA referee, Francisco Chacon, presented a muscular discomfort, asking the committee to run the tests tomorrow", says the FMF media release. This test is performed on a tartan athletic track (400 meters), the first 200 meters are divided into 150 m sprint and 50 m fast walking, so that a lap is comprising two repetitions and the total should be 26, the equivalent of 13 laps (5200 m). FMF increased the requirements from 10 to 13 laps in order for its referees to avoid failing the fitness test at FIFA competitions.
On the other hand, referee Roberto Garcia and assistants Victor Calderon, Anthony Gorrocillo and Salvador Rodriguez failed the fat test (the measurement limit is 16), but they will be allowed to repeat the test.
All referees and assistants from the Mexican First Division recently attended the presentation of the documentary Oro, devoted to the Mexican Olympic football team that won the gold medal in London last year.

Source: Record