Concacaf Gold Cup 2019

The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) today announced the referees and assistant referees that have been selected for the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup. The 48 match officials were required to pass several assessments and fitness tests, to ensure they could be considered for Concacaf’s most prestigious national team competition. “In preparing our elite referees for Concacaf’s premier competition for national teams, we have left no stone unturned. The team of selected officials represents our Confederation’s best in terms of football knowledge, technical ability, as well as physical fitness preparation,” said Concacaf Director of Refereeing Brian Hall. “We just completed a five-day pre-tournament training focused on our objective of preparing the referee team for excellence. We are confident that our officials will be prepared to deliver an outstanding performance when the competition kicks off on June 15 at Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, California.” As part of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Concacaf also announced that a trio of referees from Qatar will officiate matches during this summer’s tournament. “Following the successful participation of Concacaf Referees in the 2019 Asian Cup, we are proud to continue collaborating with the AFC in our tournaments. This is the first time that a trio of match officials from AFC will be participating in a Concacaf Gold Cup, as part of our partnership with the Confederation. This exchange complements our efforts to raise the level of refereeing across Concacaf,” added Hall. The Concacaf Referees Committee approved the list of participants, who were reviewed and selected by the Concacaf Referee Technical Advisory Team, across regional group of refereeing experts. This team includes members of the Targeted Advanced Referee Program (TARP). TARP referees are part of the development strategy of the Confederation to provide an opportunity of working with elite officials in order to prepare them for future competitions. Game assignments will be published in the Media Center prior to each match. The 2019 Gold Cup will be the biggest-ever edition of the event, with more participating nations (16 up from 12 in 2017), more host countries (three, including first-time matches in Costa Rica and Jamaica), and more stadiums (17 up from 14 in 2017, eight of which are in contention to become a 2026 FIFA World Cup venue). (Source: Concacaf)

1. Henry Bejarano (CRC, 1978)
2. Juan Calderon (CRC, 1987)
3. Yadel Martinez (CUB, 1985)
4. Mario Escobar (GUA, 1986)
5. Walter Lopez (GUA, 1980, photo)
6. Hector Martinez (HON, 1991)
7. Daneon Parchment (JAM, 1981)
8. Adonai Escobedo (MEX, 1987)
9. Fernando Guerrero (MEX, 1981)
10. Marco Ortiz (MEX, 1988)
11. John Pitti (PAN, 1978)
12. Ivan Barton (SLV, 1991)
13. Ismail Elfath (USA, 1982)
14. Jair Marrufo (USA, 1977)
15. Armando Villarreal (USA, 1986)

AFC Guest Referee
1. Abdulrahman Al-Jassim (QAT, 1987)

Assistant Referees
1. Michael Barwegen (CAN, 1986)
2. Kedlee Powell (CAY, 1979)
3. William Arrieta (CRC, 1983)
4. Juan Mora (CRC, 1989)
5. Helpys Feliz (DOM, 1989)
6. Gerson Lopez (GUA, 1983)
7. Humberto Panjoj (GUA, 1987)
8. Christian Ramirez (HON, 1988)
9. Walter Lopez (HON, 1978)
10. Nicholas Anderson (JAM, 1983)
11. Miguel Hernandez (MEX, 1977)
12. Alberto Morin (MEX, 1980)
13. Henry Pupiro (NCA, 1988)
14. Juan Zumba (SLV, 1982)
15. David Moran (SLV, 1985)
16. Zachari Zeegelaar (SUR, 1989)
17. Caleb Wales (TRI, 1988)
18. Frank Anderson (USA, 1975)
19. Ian Anderson (USA, 1975)
20. Kyle Atkins (USA, 1986)
21. Corey Parker (USA, 1986)

AFC Guest Assistant Referees
1. Taleb Al-Marri (QAT, 1988)
2. Saoud Al-Maqaleh (QAT, 1988)

Fourth Officials (TARP Referees)
1. Keylor Herrera (CRC, 1993)
2. Randy Encarnacion (DOM, 1992)
3. Reon Radix (GRE, 1990)
4. Oshane Nation (JAM, 1991)
5. Diego Montano (MEX, 1985)
6. Oliver Vergara (PAN, 1993)
7. Jose Kellys (PAN, 1989)
8. Jose Torres (PUR, 1990)
9. Ismael Cornejo (SLV, 1987)

Referee Assessors
1. John Nielsen (CAN)
2. Livingston Bailey (CAY)
3. Ronald Gutierrez (CRC)
4. Carlos Batres (GUA)
5. Dave Meikle (JAM)
6. Victor Stewart (JAM)
7. Isabel Tovar (MEX)
8. Arkadiusz Prus (USA)