FIFA denies referee Geiger asked for Portugal shirt

FIFA has denied claims by a Morocco player that American referee Mark Geiger asked for a player’s shirt during Portugal’s 1-0 win on Wednesday.
Geiger denied the allegation to FIFA, which says the referee behaved in an “exemplary and professional manner” in a statement issued Thursday. “FIFA unequivocally condemns the allegations supposedly made by a member of the Moroccan team,” the statement read. “FIFA referees are under clear instructions with regard to their behavior and relationship with the teams and it can be confirmed that Mr. Geiger has acted in an exemplary and professional manner as an appointed match official. FIFA would like to remind teams of their duty to respect all principles of Fair Play”.
The claim was made by Morocco player Nordin Amrabat in a post-game interview with Netherlands public broadcaster NOS. Amrabat said Portugal defender Pepe told him the referee had asked for his shirt during the first half. “I do not know what he is used to”, Morocco midfielder Nordin Amrabat told Dutch television NOS. “But he was very impressed with Ronaldo and I hear from Pepe that he asked in the first half if he could have his shirt. What are we talking about? At the World Cup? It’s not a circus here”. Some media reported Amrabat as saying Pepe told him Geiger had asked for Ronaldo’s shirt. FIFA responded by saying it learned of reports of the allegation with “regret and disappointment”.

Source: The Guardian