Cakir offered astronomical contract in China

The Chinese have offered astronomical fees to Cuneyt Cakir, one of the world's top referees. If Cakir, who is said to be looking positively at the deal, agrees to the offer, he will only blow the whistle in China. In the last few years, China, the top-spending country when it comes to football, has become involved in the transfer of not only players and coaches, but now also referees. The Chinese, who have made a decision to improve the quality of football in every aspect, have made transfer offers to a few referees after eliminating some names from the list of those that will be officiating in the 2018 World Cup. It has come to light that the Chinese, who have been in discussions with Turkish FIFA referee Cuneyt Cakir, have made him an astronomical offer.
Cuneyt Cakir, now 42 and therefore within the last years of his refereeing career, was reported to be looking kindly upon the deal and will likely welcome this surprise offer from China. If he agrees to a deal with the Chinese Football Federation, Cakir will only referee matches in the Super League in China next season and will not officiate in Turkey. 
The first step in the international transfers of referees happened in February of last year, when world-famous English referee Mark Clattenburg signed with Saudi Arabia. 

Source: Hurriyet Translation: Ahenk Ozakpinar