Venezuelan referee Argote involved in the case "Hands of paper"

At least 1133 bank accounts of companies and individuals have been blocked by the Venezuelan Government for being linked to "acts of corruption". The Venezuelan FIFA referee José Argote (photo) appeared on a list published by the Superintendent of the Banking Sector Institutions for allegedly being involved in paper money transactions. According to the newspaper La Nación, the bank accounts of the referee were blocked by the Government after determining that it had strange movements of money. For the moment, the sports judge has not ruled on the matter. 
"José Argote, 14207030" appears on the list of people linked to the "Hands of paper". According to the Minister of Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, the people and companies blocked have been implicated in the "smuggling and theft of the Venezuelan currency". A few days ago, Attorney General Tareck Saab, reported that "three houses of illegal remittances that operated with websites registered abroad were dismantled", as part of the operation "Hands of paper" and ordered the blocking of other 247 bank accounts. 
José Argote represented Venezuela at the Copa America 2015, where he refereed three games and served as the fourth official in the final. 

Source: Panorama