Bundesliga season will end early for referee Stieler

German referee Tobias Stieler (36) gets the receipt for his performance in front of the DFB sports court. According to Bild information, the FIFA referee will not be used until the end of the season.
Three weeks ago, in a Bundesliga match, Stieler sent-off Petersen (Freiburg) for receiving a second caution in the same match. At the disciplinary hearing, he refused to make any statements and kept the reason for the dismissal of the Freiburg player for thimself - although there is no legal basis for it. On the field, during the match against Schalke (0-2) the word "Pisser" was directed towards the referee. Why Stieler did not send-off Petersen with a straight red card because of insulting and then later remained silent in court is a mystery. If Stieler would have apologized in writing to the DFB, the control committee procedure would have probably been spared.

Source: Bild