FC Porto reveals an email exchange between referee Pinheiro and Benfica

Francisco Marques, communication and information director of FC Porto, revealed a new series of emails, accusing Nuno Cabral, who allegedly used, through a second email address, the alter ego 'Eva Mendes', to be the "intermediary" between referee João Pinheiro (photo) and Benfica.
"On 19 February, Eva Mendes - I only know an American actress by that name - sent an email to Paulo Gonçalves, without text, but with a document attached. It was the observation report of referee João Pinheiro in the game Moreirense – Belenenses, finished with the result 3-2 for Belenenses and the referee received an unsatisfactory mark of 2.3. This interest of… Eva Mendes for the Portuguese refereeing is very strange", says Francisco Marques, who later saw a new exchange of emails. "The consultation of other emails allowed us to put things together". On 23 March, referee João Pinheiro sent another email to Nuno Cabral, the 'dear boy' of João Pinheiro, who wanted to get a 3.4, that is closer to 'very good.' Then, Nuno Cabral sends this to Eva Mendes, who in turn replies to Paulo Gonçalves again. Final decision, it was "unanimously decided that the note should remain at 2.3", he wrote. "This is an alter ego of Nuno Cabral, who has a second email whose name is Eva Mendes". This would be a joke if it were not for Nuno Cabral being an intermediary between João Pinheiro and Benfica. And it is not the only case; there is more. How is it possible that a referee from the First League is using Nuno Cabral as an intermediary? "Is a thing like this admissible? Are they going to continue to pretend that these things do not exist?" The referee, João Pinheiro, was not supposed to respond? The FPF and the authorities cannot continue to keep their arms crossed", concluded Marques.

Source: Record