Portugal: giant flag blocks VAR camera and ‘offside goal’ stands

A match in Portugal’s Primeira Liga became the scene of a farcical incident involving a video assistant referee, a goal from a corner and a giant flag. Aves beat Boavista 3-0 on Tuesday and it was their third goal which was the centre of the controversy. Vítor Gomes scored from close range after reacting to a 70th-minute set-piece, but the midfielder appeared to be in an offside position when he struck. The referee, Fábio Veríssimo, seeing the position of Gomes, went to VAR to ask whether the goal should stand. But the VAR had some difficulty due to an enormous Boavista flag getting right in the way of the camera. As a result of not having sufficient evidence to rule out the goal, the referee had no choice but to stick with his original decision.
The incident was received mostly in humour on social media, but it could raise concerns about copycat incidents in future matches. If a VAR camera with a crucial angle is placed behind supporting fans, what is to stop fans from similarly attempting to block the view of the cameras when their side is defending?

Source: The Guardian