Referee Petrescu returns after brain surgery

Romanian FIFA referee Radu Petrescu, 35, completed the UEFA CORE Programme and was attempting to climb the refereeing ladder when he received unexpected news. On 12 July 2017, he refereed Dundalk – Rosenborg in the second preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League. After that match he felt pain in the back of his head, consulted a medical specialist and was recommended urgent brain surgery. The medical intervention was successful and was followed by a very strict and intensive recovery.
He passed the FIFA fitness test a few weeks ago and recently refereed a domestic friendly game, supervised by Kyros Vassaras, chairman of the Romanian Referees Committee and member of the UEFA Referees Committee. He was pleased with Petrescu’s recovery and will support his return to refereeing in the national competitions.

Source: ScoalaDeArbitri / GSP