CONCACAF: PORE Certification Course

Following the introductory course held in February, the certification part of the Program of Refereeing Excellence (PORE) is taking place from 4 to 27 September 2017 in Mexico. The 13 referees who participate in this program will work in double sessions at the FMF facilities, in addition to nutrition talks, psychology and English classes, all under the supervision of Brian Hall, CONCACAF Director of Refereeing and Shamsul Maidin, AFC Director of Referees. During this training period, the referees may be appointed at Mexican tournament matches in the U-20 and U-17 categories.
"This course is very important for us and the Member Associations because it is an opportunity for referee talents to learn from FIFA instructors in a very professional environment, with the assistance of the Mexican Football Federation. This is a great opportunity to work and educate, to prepare referees so that in the future they participate in FIFA competitions and when they return to their country of origin they have an opportunity to contribute more strongly in their associations", said Hall. "It is a certification course, the referees will return to their countries with new ideas and ways to handle the games, and with a professional mentality, because in CONCACAF now we work on changing the way of thinking of referees, since we need a new attitude, new ways of working and a different thinking. For this reason, the results of this program is to change the way of refereeing the games, with a professional mentality, as modern referees, with new working tools. All referees have one or two games and it is an opportunity for the instructors to see their work on the field; after the match they will be able to analyze on video the activity of each one of them. Also, many of them, do not have the opportunity of video review in their country, since there are no videos or matches on television and is very important, because they need to look at their decisions, their personality, body language and that helps change their skills, in addition to the experience of handling the game, since in the Caribbean players play differently than the United States or other countries”. Brian Hall also commented that a referee comes from the Asian Confederation. "Jaime Herrera will manage this program for the referees and we also have a FIFA instructor, in addition to having an exchange with Asia and the United Arab Emirates, which is the first time it has taken place. It is very important, as it is an opportunity in the future that a CONCACAF referee will go to Asia and can participate in a course, referee some game and that will help them to improve in their career". Finally, Brian Hall gave his point of view regarding the refereeing in the region: "The CONCACAF referees work hard both on and off the pitch. I am very happy with this group, as it is a very close family, we continue with a very strong job because we are looking for excellence in everything. The results of the referees in the Gold Cup were very high and, in the opinion of many people, it has been the best competition on the subject of refereeing”.

1. Edgar Rangel (MEX)
2. Steven Madrigal (CRC)
3. Hector Salazar (SLV)
4. Erick Lezama (NCA)
5. Modesto Hierrezuelo (CUB)
6. Jose Torres (PUR)
7. Oshane Nation (JAM)
8. Ivan Barton (SLV)
9. Reon Radix (GRN)
10. Nikolai Nyron (TRI)
11. Oliver Vergara (PAN)
12. Jamar Springer (BRB)
13. Rubiel Vazquez (USA)

Guest referee (AFC)
Ahmed Darwish (UAE)

Source: FMF