Brizio: “Women referees are not ready for Liga MX”

Arturo Brizio, the chairman of the FMF Referee Committee, admitted that the possibility of a woman refereeing a game of the MX League is far, because there is no one who can compete at that level and meet expectations. "At this moment I see it distant because it will be too complicated for our current women referees and the ones we have on the rise; we will need to find a woman athlete, because I insist is not a gender issue, but capacity", he said. He pointed out that "modern football requires an impressive physical preparation to compete at that level, which, at this time, our current women referees do not have. But the door will be open that if one or several girls with such abilities appear, to emulate what Vicky Tovar did in the First Division and Quetzalli Alvarado in the MX Ascenso", he said. Interviewed at the end of the forum "Football without discrimination", the leader stressed that the goal in the MX Women's League is that in the near future the games are only refereed by women. "It seems to me that the most logical thing is that the women’s games are refereed by women; it would be a minimum achievement for the women's league, which has been successful, to have the best female referees, that is my dream and my obligation", said Brizio.
Looking ahead to what will be the 2018 World Cup Russia, he hoped that the Mexican refereeing will have representation, something that will be known in November. "At the last meeting I had with people from FIFA, they spoke well of our three teams led by Roberto Garcia, Cesar Ramos and Fernando Guerrero". Arturo Brizio explained that "Mexico has three referees competing and that should be an honor; we support them. They referee as teams and in November we will have white smoke and hopefully at least a Mexican trio".

Source: Radio Formula