Bundesliga increased referee fees

The game fees for Bundesliga referees were raised after four years without any increase, confirmed DFL director Ansgar Schwenken. The fee for a first league game increases from 3800 euro to 5000 euro, assistant referees will get 2500 euro and the fourth official as well as the video assistant referee (VAR) 1250 euro. "We have been looking intensively on what a referee is doing on a daily basis, as he prepares for the entire season and for each individual game physically and mentally, so we decided, along with the DFB, to adjust their remuneration", Schwenken said. Besides the game fees, all Bundesliga referees also get an annual salary of 30000 euro. Other European referees earn 1300 euro plus an annual retainer of 45000 euro (England), 6000 euro (Spain), 3400 euro (Italy), 2751 euro (France), 1188 euro (Portugal).

Source: ZeitOnline