UNFP Trophies: Turpin at all costs

Ruddy Buquet (photo) has been elected the best referee of Ligue 1 for the fourth consecutive year by his peers. A vote that was not liked by Pascal Garibian, the Technical Director of the French refereeing, who requested a special prize for Clement Turpin.
The French refereeing, who has deserted the Champions League and Europa League this season, stands out again. As every year, French football met recently to showcase the players in the professional championships. A trophy also rewarded the best referee of Ligue 1. Ruddy Buquet has again recorded the largest number of votes. A distinction that he has also received for the past three consecutive years. Buquet has again had a very good season and is very appreciated by his colleagues in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. This is far from Clement Turpin, whose popularity is at the bottom with his comrades of the whistle.
Number one by default, Turpin (photo) can nevertheless count on the unfailing support of his hierarchy, who does not hesitate to fly to his rescue. Le Parisien revealed recently that Pascal Garibian asked SAFE, the union of elite referees, "to find a solution so that Clément Turpin is rewarded". SAFE has accepted. Its president, Olivier Lamarre, explains in the columns of the daily newspaper that "the union has accepted to play the game in the general interest of French refereeing". The title "The best French referee on the international stage" was born on the occasion of this 26th edition of the UNFP Trophies. "I do not want to interfere in the UNFP trophies, but it is important that the French number one in the eyes of UEFA and FIFA is recognized by the French professional football", explained Pascal Garibian to Le Parisien. Many media have evoked this new episode which discredits a little more the French refereeing: "Small arrangements between referees at the UNFP trophies" (Le Parisien), "We must save the soldier Turpin: the French referee tinkers made an honorific title especially for Clément Turpin" (www.20minutes.fr), "The referees invent and obtain a trophy for Clément Turpin" (www.foot01.com), "The management of refereeing did not want to humiliate Turpin at the UNFP trophies UNFP" (www.sports.fr).

Source: Arbitrage 57