Referee Thomson showed the red card to his assistant

Assistant referee Andrew McWilliam was tasked with running the line during the Scottish Premiership showdown between Kilmarnock and Dundee when things took a turn for the worst. He stood next to Killie midfielder Jordan Jones as he lined up to take a corner kick in the first half, but halted play before turning away from the pitch clutching his stomach. Incredibly, just seconds later, he vomited on the pitch while the disbelieving crowd went wild. And if he thought he was due any sympathy, he was to be left severely disappointed. Because instead of an arm around the shoulder he was shown a red card by the referee. But in the early stages of the game he took ill and started spewing on the sidelines.
Spotting the commotion, referee Craig Thomson jogged over to check if his colleague was alright. In a rare moment of humour, FIFA referee Craig Thomson showed him the red card as players erupted in laughter. Even McWilliam saw the funny side and was to continue officiating.
Last year, two match officials in the Czech Republic were stripped of their licenses after showing up to officiate a game while visibly intoxicated.

Source: Daily Record