FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Final 2017: Namazov (UZB) & Ostrowski (POL)

The dream of every referee around the world is to take charge of a tournament final and Beach Soccer officials are no different. Bakhtiyor Namazov from Uzbekistan and Lukasz Ostrowski from Poland have been selected to referee the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Bahamas 2017 final between Tahiti and Brazil. Namazov and Ostrowski both have experience officiating in the latter stages of past Beach Soccer World Cups. Namazov was a reserve assistant referee for the Portugal 2015 Final, while Ostrowski was the head referee for the semi-final between Portugal and Russia a few days earlier. They shared their thoughts with ahead of the big match. Bakhtiyor Namazov: “We are very happy. All the referees have been at a very high level. A big dream for any referee is to take charge of a final match. The goal of the referee is to make no mistakes in the match. The best team tomorrow will win”. Lukasz Ostrowski: “For me it is a big honour to be designated for the final game. We have just heard the appointments and there are no words to describe our feelings. I am very, very happy. Of course, I think the level of the refereeing was very good during the tournament. For me, it’s a big pleasure to be designated for the final with Bakhtiyor. We want to do our best to show our skills, our knowledge, our potential. We trained very hard before this tournament. We had theoretical and practical sessions; we trained a lot with a fitness coach. We just want to maintain our performance until the end. We know that even if we referee well all tournament, everyone will remember the final”. (Source: FIFA)

7 May 2017

Brazil – Tahiti
Referee 1: Bakhtiyor Namazov (UZB)
Referee 2: Lukasz Ostrowski (POL)
Third Official: Gionni Matticoli (ITA)
Timekeeper: Ebrahim Al-Mansory (UAE)
Reserve AR: Said Hachim (MAD)

Match for Third Place
Iran – Italy
Referee 1: Ivo Moraes (BRA)
Referee 2: Mariano Romo (ARG)
Third Official: Micke Palomino (PER)
Timekeeper: Juan Angeles (DOM)

Reserve AR: Sofien Benchabane (FRA)