Adidas 2018 World Cup Referee Kits

The first adidas 2018 World Cup product has been leaked. The adidas 2018 World Cup referee strips are set to be launched in late 2017 and will be also used for the 2018-19 season (pictures via @hendocfc).
Featuring a understated look, the new adidas 2018 World Cup referee jersey features a ton-on-ton Adidas logo on the bottom part of the shirt net to the new Climacool branding. 
The new Adidas 2018 referee shirt comes with subtle hoops and a black collar. Interestingly, the collar is the same used for the Adidas Condivo 16 template.
The new adidas 2018 World Cup referee shirt will be available in at least three different colors: yellow/black, red/black and light blue/black. It is expected to retail at 60 Euro and will be available from December 2017.