Schalke mascot shows referee red card over penalty decision

Schalke's mascot showed referee Felix Zwayer his own red card after he failed to award the side a penalty at the end of the Ruhr derby against Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga.
Schalke's appeals for a penalty in injury time of the 1-1 Bundesliga draw were turned down by Zwayer, who sent coach Markus Weinzierl to the stands for protesting after Marc Bartra stopped the ball with his arm. Zwayer lost his red card in the ensuing discussions, but it was gathered by Schalke mascot "Erwin," who held it in front of the referee as if sending him off after the game. The incident was subsequently investigated by the DFB after it made headlines in Germany and former referees demanded a pitchside ban for the mascot. Former referee Peter Gagelmann says, "It shouldn't be possible for a mascot to show (a card) to the referee". However, the DFB announced that there will be no further investigations but Schalke have been "warned because of its mascot's behaviour towards referee Felix Zwayer" and threatened to sanction Erwin in the event of it happening again.

Source: ESPN