Porto player sent off after accidental collision with referee Godinho

Porto midfielder Danilo may have found himself at the centre of one of the strangest refereeing decisions that has ever been made. Danilo was bizarrely sent off during Porto's recent away trip to Moreirense after being stood on by the referee Godinho.
The unprecedented event occurred on the 79th minute when referee Luis Godinho was jogging backwards on the field with his eyes focused on the play. Danilo, also concentrating on the game in hand, appeared not to notice the referee backtracking in his direction. What resulted was a collision between the pair, Godinho recoiling on impact while the Porto defender struggled to maintain his balance. In the aftermath the perplexed midfielder can be seen smiling at the incident before realising the referee, in a very strange turn of events, is reaching for his pocket.
Danilo had been booked for a challenge earlier in the tie meaning the yellow card bizarrely issued by Godinho for their coming together then resulted in a red. Porto went on to lose the game to Moreirense by a slender 1-0 score line, and as a result lose pace on the league leaders Benfica. After 15 games played, Porto currently find themselves four points adrift of their bitter rivals.

Source: Daily Mail