Sikazwe: "Lack of communication, no VAR intervention”

The referee of the FIFA Club World Cup final, Zambian Janny Sikazwe, defended himself from the many criticisms he received after allegedly forgiving Sergio Ramos of an expulsion. "It was not the Video Assistant Referee; just a lack of communication between me and my assistant. He pointed out the fault and told me ‘no card’ in the headset, but I understood ‘card’", he said in an interview with, "it was nothing more than that; a lack of understanding".
Despite all the controversy surrounding his decision, Sikazwe says he is very proud of having refereed a match of this caliber: "I thank God for the opportunity to be the first African referee to lead a Club World Cup final. It is time for Africa to grow on the first level of football."

Source: Diario Madridista