Greek federation suspends leagues after referee's home burnt

The Greek Super League has been postponed until further notice following the incident at the holiday home of Georgios Bikas, the new head of Greek referees.
A federation statement says the cause of Wednesday's blaze at Georgios Bikas empty holiday home was ''suspicious.'' It says the federation will take further action once the fire department issues an official report. The Head of the Central Referees Committee saw his house in Halkidiki burnt in the early hours of Wednesday as the attacks against people involved in Greek football go on. It remains unknown who is behind this incident, however it is another sign that the criminal organisation which has tarnished Greek football over the years is still acting. This incident follows up the attack against the member of Central Referees Committee, Ioannis Tsachelidis last week. Following this new attack, the Greek Super League is postponed until further notice. Kostakis Koutsokoumnis, FIFA's delegate in Greece, ordered for the postponement as he is expected in Greece on Thursday.

Source: SDNA