Polish AR Sadczuk removed from FIFA List

The chairman of the Polish Referees Committee, Zbigniew Przesmycki, asked the president of the Polish Football Association, Zbigniew Boniek, to terminate the contract of Piotr Sadczuk (photo) as a professional assistant referee. Sadczuk (43) used to be AR1 in Pawel Gil’s trio in UEFA games, but he will be removed from the FIFA List. The reason given was “a flagrant violation of the rules for completion of the contract - dishonest approach to contractual obligations”.
In Poland, as part of their contract, professional referees and assistant referees make video observations of referee performances in the second and third divisions. Sadczuk was assigned to assess the work of a fellow referee, Michael Mularczyk. Apparently, he contacted the referee he was assessing in order to come to an agreement regarding the mark, which is absolutely prohibited. The case was described by the portal Weszlo.com. This is not the first problem of the Polish AR. In May 2015, following complaints that he did not complete the interval test, president Boniek requested the Referees Committee to clarify whether Sadczuk passed his fitness tests. This season, he also committed a serious mistake during the match Wisla Krakow - Ruch Chorzow, when the visitors scored a controversial goal and won 2-1.

Source: Interia Sport