Letexier will be one of the youngest FIFA referees in Europe

The French Referees Committee submitted their proposals for the 2017 FIFA Lists. Referee Fredy Fautrel decided to accept a position with the Technical Direction of Refereeing (DTA) and will stop his career at the end of this year. He will be replaced by Francois Letexier (27), who will become the youngest French referee on the international list. Letexier (photo) will also be amongst the three youngest FIFA referees in Europe, along with Sandro Schaerer (SUI, 26) and Michael Oliver (ENG, 26). On the AR list, Mickael Annonier and Philippe Jeanne will be replaced by Julien Pacelli and Bertrand Jouannaud. Frederic Cano, who was Turpin’s AR1 at Euro 2016 and Rio 2016, renounced voluntarily to participate in the selection process for the FIFA World Cup 2018. He will continue on the FIFA List, but was replaced by Cyril Gringore in Turpin’s team.

1. Clement Turpin
2. Ruddy Buquet
3. Benoit Bastien
4. Tony Chapron
5. Benoit Millot
6. Nicolas Rainville
7. Antony Gautier
8. Amaury Delerue
9. Frank Schneider
10. Francois Letexier

Assistant Referees
1. Nicolas Danos
2. Cyril Gringore
3. Guillaume Debart
4. Frederic Cano
5. Frederic Haquette
6. Hicham Zakrani
7. Laurent Stien
8. Eric Danizan
9. Julien Pacelli
10. Bertrand Jouannaud

Women Referees
1. Stephanie Frappart
2. Florence Guillemin
3. Solen Dallongeville
4. Severine Zinck

Women Assistant Referees
1. Manuela Nicolosi
2. Solenne Bartnik
3. Elodie Coppola
4. Jennifer Maubacq

Futsal Referees
1. Cedric Pelissier
2. Victor Berg Audic
3. Aurelien Uzan
4. Julien Lang

Beach Soccer Referees
1. Sofien Benchabane
2. Benoit Wolff
3. Davut Fidan