World Cup and Continental finals

When Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli was appointed for the Euro 2016 semi-final France-Germany, which implied his absence from the final, there were discussions regarding the missed opportunity for Rizzoli to become the first referee who was given the honour of officiating all major finals. Indeed, no referee had done yet the World Cup, Euro, Olympic, Champions League and Europa League finals. Collina missed the Euro final, Petignat missed the Olympic final, while Rizzoli missed both the Euro and Olympic finals. However, there are six (five men and one woman) referees who have officiated a World Cup final and a Continental final: Gottfried Dienst (SUI), Sergio Gonella (ITA), Romualdo Arppi Filho (BRA), Arnaldo Cezar Coelho (BRA), Said Belqola (MAR), Nicole Petignat (SUI). Among them, Dienst (photo) refereed a World Cup final, a Euro final and two Champions Cup finals.

World Cup + Continental finals
Gottfried Dienst (SUI): World Cup 1966 and Euro 1968
Sergio Gonella (ITA): World Cup 1978 and Euro 1976
Romualdo Arppi Filho (BRA): World Cup 1986 and Copa America 1987
Arnaldo Cezar Coelho (BRA): World Cup 1982 and Copa America 1979
Said Belqola (MAR): World Cup 1998 and African Cup of Nations 1998
Nicole Petignat (SUI): Women’s World Cup 1999 and Women’s Euro 2001

World Cup + Olympic finals
Pierluigi Collina (ITA): World Cup 2002 and Olympic Games 1996
Bibiana Steinhaus (GER): Women’s World Cup 2011 and Olympic Games 2012

Olympic + two continental finals
Ramon Baretto (URU): Copa America 1975, 1979 and Olympic Games 1976

Two continental finals
Michel Vautrot (FRA): Euro 1988 and Asian Cup 1988

Continental + Olympic finals
Mark Clattenburg (ENG): Euro 2016 and Olympic Games 2012
Arthur Ellis (ENG): Euro 1960 and Olympic Games 1952
Dagmar Damkova (CZE): Women’s Euro 2009 and Olympic Games 2008

Two Olympic finals
John Lewis (GBR): 1908 and 1920

If we consider the club (UCL, UEL) finals in Europe, Gottfried Dienst (SUI) and Pierluigi Collina (ITA) stand out, both with two national teams finals and two club finals. On the women's side, Nicole Petignat (SUI) refereed three finals.

World Cup + Continental + Club finals
Gottfried Dienst (SUI): WC 1966, Euro 1968, UCL 1961 and 1965
Nicole Petignat (SUI): WWC 1999, Women’s Euro 2001, UWCL 2007

World Cup + Olympic Games + Club finals
Pierluigi Collina (ITA): WC 2002, OG 1996, UCL 1999, UEL 2004

World Cup + Club finals
Nicola Rizzoli (ITA): WC 2014, UCL 2013, UEL 2010
Sandor Puhl (HUN): WC 1994, UCL 1997, UEL 1993
John Taylor (ENG): WC 1974, UCL 1971
Kateryna Monzul (UKR): WWC 2015, UWCL 2014
Cristina Ionescu (ROU): WWC 2003, UWCL 2004

Continental + Club finals
Michel Vautrot (FRA): Euro 1988, Asian Cup 1988, UCL 1986, UEL 1985
Nicolae Rainea (ROU): Euro 1980, UCL 1983, UEL 1978
Markus Merk (GER): Euro 2004, UCL 2003, 
Pedro Proenca (POR): Euro 2012, UCL 2012,
Mark Clattenburg (ENG): Euro 2016, UCL 2016, 
Ortiz De Mendibil (ESP): Euro 1968, UCL 1969
Arthur Holland (ENG): Euro 1964, UCL 1963
Arthur Ellis (ENG): Euro 1960, UCL 1956
Bruno Galler (SUI): Euro 1992, UEL 1984
Dagmar Damkova (CZE): Women’s Euro 2009, OG 2008, UWCL 2011 and 2006