Listkiewicz is the new Polish head of Czech referees

The new head of the Czech Referees Committee became Polish Michal Listkiewicz. The existing committee of judges had been dissolved and the new boss has the task of proposing new members. Listkiewicz, 63, is a former FIFA referee and ex-President of the Polish FA.
The Executive Committee of Football Association of the Czech Republic recently appointed Polish Michal Listkiewicz as the new head of the Referees Committee, with the task to enhance the credibility of the Czech referees. "Now we have a President who must submit a proposal for a new committee, with which he wants to work. I discussed with Mr. Listkiewicz about his vision and I was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge about the Czech environment", said the FARC chairman Miroslav Pelt. The last Czech committee was led by Miroslav Tulinger who replaced Dagmar Damkova. She resigned in the spring because of the workload with the international organizations, UEFA and FIFA. "We wanted to bring in someone who has an international reputation because of the need to replace Dagmar Damková, who is a member in the UEFA Referees Committee. She should be one of the members of the new committee to maintain continuity. The other members will be selected by Mr. Listkiewicz", Pelt said. The Polish head of Czech referees plans a greater openness to the public. "Nobody knew whether the referees were taking the appropriate decisions. Now we will be more open; Mr. Listkiewicz has an idea on how he would evaluate each week and will say who made mistakes and what are the consequences", said Pelt.
Listkiewicz was appointed as assistant referee to the 1990 FIFA World Cup final Germany-Argentina. He was also selected for the Euro 1988, Olympic Games 1988 and World Cup 1994. Since 1989 he joined the Polish Association as a spokesman, Deputy General Secretary, General Secretary, Vice-President and President between 1999 and 2008. Listkiewicz is currently a member of the FIFA Referees Committee and speaks fluently Polish, Hungarian, English, German, Russian and Finnish. His son, Tomasz, is currently an assistant referee in Marciniak’s team and recently participated at the Euro 2016 in France.

Source: CTK/Aktualne