Kuipers: “I am disappointed that we did not reach the final”

The day after he refereed the quarter-final France – Iceland, referee Björn Kuipers and his team were released by UEFA from Euro 2016. Kuipers was in charge of three matches: Germany – Poland, Croatia – Spain and France – Iceland.
“It is awful. We had the goal to reach the final and we didn’t make it. The proudness of the achievements during this tournament will maybe come later on. At the moment it’s just disappointment”, said Kuipers. The KNVB referee coordinator, Dick van Edmond: “We are proud of the achievements of Björn and his team at this tournament. They were the Dutch representation at the European Championships and had three games on the right track. Like players, referees want only one thing, and that is making the final. But Kuipers and his team can look back on an excellent tournament”.

Source: KNVB