Changes at Copa America Centenario

The 58 participating referees were selected from within CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. The team includes 18 referees, 34 assistant referees and six reserve officials. The selection process was overseen by each confederation’s respective referee committees. As a pre-requisite to officiate this tournament, each referee was required to pass the FIFA fitness test.  “The magnitude of Copa America Centenario requires the highest caliber referees from within the continent”, said CONCACAF Director of Refereeing Brian Hall. “It is a unique honor for officials from both confederations to officiate this tournament in unison, while ensuring this once-in-a-lifetime competition offers fans and players world-class quality football. The pre-tournament referee seminar has been a great opportunity to prepare the referees mentally for an intense and competitive championship”. The fitness tests (Yo-Yo/Ariet) took place in Chicago under the direction of FIFA fitness instructors Silvio Aguinaga (PAR), Eric Samayoa (GUA), Cristian Rosen (ARG) and Alan Brown (CRC). The referees also attended a seminar on various topics, including: modifications of the Laws of the Game, offside, analysis and discussion of game situations, fouls, handball, reading the game, technical refereeing, tactical fouls, teamwork. The CONMEBOL Referees Committee announced the replacement of assistant referee Juan Macias from Ecuador (visa issues) with his compatriot Byron Romero. On the CONCACAF list, Daniel Williamson (Panama) will miss the tournament due to fitness problems. The selected officials will be based in Chicago throughout the tournament and will travel to assigned games across the United States. Game assignments will be announced prior to each match. (Source:


Referee: Patricio Loustau (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky (ARG)
Assistant Referee 2: Ariel Scime (ARG)

Referee: Gery Vargas (BOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Javier Bustillos (BOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Montano (BOL)

Referee: Heber Lopes (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Kleber Gil (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Bruno Boschilia (BRA)

Referee: Julio Bascunan (CHI)
Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Astroza (CHI)
Assistant Referee 2: Christian Schiemann (CHI)

Referee: Wilmar Roldan (COL)
Assistant Referee 1: Alexander Guzman (COL)
Assistant Referee 2: Wilmar Navarro (COL)

Referee: Roddy Zambrano (ECU)
Assistant Referee 1: Luis Vera (ECU)
Assistant Referee 2: Byron Romero (ECU)

Referee: Enrique Caceres (PAR)
Assistant Referee 1: Eduardo Cardoso (PAR)
Assistant Referee 2: Milciades Saldivar (PAR)

Referee: Victor Carrillo (PER)
Assistant Referee 1: Jorge Yupanqui (PER)
Assistant Referee 2: Coty Carrera (PER)

Referee: Andres Cunha (URU)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Taran (URU)
Assistant Referee 2: Richard Trinidad (URU)

Referee: Jose Argote (VEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Luis Murillo (VEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Luis Sanchez (VEN)

Reserve Referees
1. Wilton Sampaio (BRA)
2. Wilson Lamouroux (COL)
3. Daniel Fedorczuk (URU)

Reserve Assistant Referees
1. Gustavo Rossi (ARG)
2. Dario Gaona (PAR)
3. Alexander Leon (COL)


Referee: Ricardo Montero (CRC)
Assistant Referee 1: Octavio Jara (CRC)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Mora (CRC)

Referee: Yadel Martinez (CUB)
Assistant Referee 1: Hiran Dopico (CUB)
Assistant Referee 2: Christian Ramirez (HON)

Referee: Joel Aguilar (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Zumba (SLV)
Assistant Referee 2: William Torres (SLV)

Referee: Roberto Garcia (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Jose Camargo (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Alberto Morin (MEX)

Referee: John Pitti (PAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Gabriel Victoria (PAN)
Assistant Referee 2: TBD

Referee: Mark Geiger (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Charles Morgante (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Joe Fletcher (CAN)

Referee: Jair Marrufo (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Peter Manikowski (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Corey Rockwell (USA)

Standby Referee: Armando Villarreal (USA)
Standby AR: Corey Parker (USA)