Referees Atkinson and Clattenburg earn more than the Prime Minister

The top flight official, who will represent Britain at Euro 2016, pockets £90,000-a-season basic, with some matches fetching him up to £4,000 a pop.

Martin Atkinson (photo) pocketed over £8,000 more than British Prime Minister David Cameron last season. The Premier League referee banked a mammoth £150,650 during the 2014-2015 campaign. That's £8,150 more than Tory leader and PM Cameron, whose annual salary stands at £142,500. Top flight referees are paid £90,000 per season and receive match fees on top of that amount, with domestic games worth £450, while European and international ones worth an eye-watering £4,000. During the 2014-2015 season, Atkinson refereed six Champions League matches, two Europa League matches and three European Championship qualifiers, raking in £44,000 in the process. The 37 domestic games he officiated saw him earn £16,650. Fellow referee Mark Clattenburg also pocketed more than Cameron, coming away with £150,200 - just £450 less than Atkinson. Michael Oliver, another top flight official, placed third in the referees' money table. In December, Atkinson and Clattenburg were confirmed among the 18 referees appointed to officiate matches at the European Championship in France this summer. 

Source: The Mirror