Bundesliga match halted after coach refused to leave

Borussia Dortmund's 1-0 win at Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga was interrupted for eight minutes after the home side's coach refused to be sent to the stands. Referee Felix Zwayer said he sent off Leverkusen coach Roger Schmidt "because of repeated unsporting actions." Schmidt said later he regretted his actions, adding he had wanted an "explanation" from the referee.
The standoff was triggered by Aubameyang's 64th-minute goal, which was enough for second-placed Dortmund to restore the eight-point gap behind Bayern Munich. Immediately after the goal, Zwayer sent Schmidt off for complaining vociferously over the positioning of a free kick in the build-up to the goal, when Leverkusen striker Stefan Kiessling lost the ball and fouled Sven Bender. Matthias Ginter took a quick free kick from where the ball rolled to Erik Durm, who crossed for the onrushing Aubameyang to finish easily. The Bayer Leverkusen head coach, Roger Schmidt, has accepted that he was wrong to defy the referee and refuse orders to go to the stands. “We went behind through an irregular goal and I told the fourth official as much. I was sent a signal from 45 meters that I should go to the stands. I wanted an explanation," Schmidt said. "I hesitated too long. It was definitely a mistake of mine. I didn't think the game would be interrupted. I hurt my team through that. I am a role model and I’ve not done myself justice, but sometimes it is easy to react in hectic and emotional situations. I have the fourth official noting that the kick was executed a thousand per cent irregularly. The referee also did not give us a thousand per cent penalty and I’m just challenging for justice for my team”. Referee Zwayer, who had sent Kiessling over to talk to Schmidt, ordered both sides off the pitch and walked off himself - along with his officials - when the coach made no sign of moving, prompting widespread confusion among players and fans. The pitch was left vacant for several minutes, until players and officials came back on.
Herbert Fandel, chairman of the German football federation's referee committee, said Zwayer acted according to the rules. "When a player or even the coach refuses to leave the inner area after a sending off, stopping play and threatening to call it off is the correct decision. Whether the referee speaks directly with the coach or sends a leading player is solely at his discretion", Fandel said.
Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voeller saw it differently. "To interrupt a game like that and to make things so hectic is completely unnecessary", Voeller said. His annoyance was compounded minutes after the restart, when Dortmund defender Sokratis wasn't penalized for blocking Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez's header with his arm in the penalty area. Zwayer acknowledged that Leverkusen should have been awarded the penalty. "It's a foul play. It's regrettable that it wasn't seen", the referee said.

Source: AP/Yahoo Sports