Alioum: Neant or Alioum?

In recent years, Cameroonian referee Alioum has been mentioned in the official FIFA documents, as well as in the media, with an undesirable first name "Neant", which means “none”. Alioum (photo) does actually have a first name, which - believe it or not - it is the same as his last name: Alioum.
"I am not the head of the department that deals with referees here. What I know is that the FIFA website caused this issue. At the time of his online application, the FIFA clerk who processed the applications only inputted in the system the name Alioum. But, as there is “Alioum” for the last name, it has “none” in the first name space, as if to say he has no first name. Incredibly, this situation continued for years", said a member of the Cameroon Football Federation.

Source: Star Africa / Arbitro Internacional