Mateu Lahoz: “A very troubling, tough moment”

The official has explained that uncertainty and horror gripped the Stade de France as Paris was rocked by a string of fatal bombings and shootings. Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz has spoken of the "troubling, tough" time in Paris, after he blew the final whistle in Friday's friendly clash between France and Germany. As the two teams played out the match, the French capital became engulfed by a string of tragic terrorist attacks. There were shootings and explosions reported across six locations in the French capital, including two suicide attacks and a bombing outside the Stade de France, where the game was being played. After the match ended, fans remained inside the stadium, with many moving onto the pitch as they waited for more information on the attacks which rocked the world and left more than 120 dead, with a further 200 injured.
Hours after blowing the final whistle, Mateu Lahoz spoke of his experience in officiating the game. The Spanish referee admits the players of France and Germany were in the dark about the Paris terror attacks until after the final whistle. Mateu Lahoz headed the all-Spanish team of match officials with Pau Cebrian, Javier Aguilar and Clos Gomez. “We had no idea about what was going on until after the game had ended. We have all been through some very difficult moments, moments of great uncertainty because at first, we were told that we were not allowed to leave the stadium but now things are a little calmer. This is a very troubling, tough moment and I don't really feel like speaking right now. We found out about what was happening through the press who were attending the game and the television", Mateu told AS.

Source: Goal