Mexican referees file lawsuit against FMF for discrimination

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) faces a complicated situation after a group of 11 referees and assistant referees filed a lawsuit against their “discriminatory firing”. Each referee demanded a payment of $50,000 for affecting the worker's life and $75,000 for moral damage due to the FMF discrimination. After not being selected for the 2015 Apertura, they did not hesitate to sue FMF and Liga MX for discrimination. The 11 referees and assistant referees who filed the lawsuit are: Fabricio Morales (former FIFA referee, photo), Erim Ramirez (former FIFA referee), Miguel Ayala, Victor Bisguerra, Victor Calderon (former FIFA AR), Mario Alcantara, Obed Gomez, Mario Nieves, Mauricio Moreno, Jose Barraza and Fernando Soto. According to a court publication, the total amount that FMF would pay is $1.5 million, including vacation pay and bonus wages from 1 April to 30 May 2015, coupled with a bi-monthly fee given by the sponsors of the league.

Source: Futbol Total