FIFA is abolishing age limits for international referees

FIFA says it is relaxing the rule which forced match officials to leave its international list at the end of the year they turned 45. Currently, international referees have to be 45-years-old or younger, but FIFA have announced that they are set to abolish these age limits. Referees will now be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. They shall be carefully evaluated annually after reaching that age. The Executive Committee approved the proposal from the Referees Committee that every FIFA referee over the age of 45 shall be “carefully evaluated every year, according to technical assessments, medical examinations and fitness tests". The annually updated list comprises referees and assistant referees proposed by national federations and approved by FIFA for international matches.
The decision comes after FIFA President Sepp Blatter was affected by an IOC ruling on age limits last week. The Olympic movement upheld a rule forcing IOC members to step down in the year they reach 80. Blatter, a member since 1999, will leave in 2016.

Source: AP / Daily Mail