Draw for Brazilian Cup Final referee

The referee for the 2014 Brazilian Cup final was not appointed by the Referees Committee of the Brazilian Football Confederation; it was chosen using a… draw!
The final, played between Cruzeiro and Atletico, is a classic match in Brazil and the CBF selected 5 referees to be entered into the draw: Leandro Pedro Vuaden, Wilton Pereira Sampaio, Luis Flavio De Oliveira, Raphael Claus and Anderson Daronco. The first two referees are currently on the FIFA List, while the other three referees have been proposed for 2015. The luck was with Luis Flavio De Oliveira, who will be assisted by Marcelo Van Gasse and Emerson Carvalho, the two assistant referees who worked in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil along with Sandro Ricci. The additional assistant referees will be Ricardo Marques and Paulo Bezerra. The fourth official will be the Anderson Daronco, with Guilherme Dias Camille as the reserve AR, while the referee observer will be Alicio Pena.

Source: Refnews