Three CONMEBOL referees failed fitness tests

According to Arbitro Internacional, three prospective referees invited to the FIFA Seminar in Chile failed the fitness tests. Apparently, South American referees have often fitness problems, a rare situation in other confederations. In the previous selection process for the 2014 World Cup, Brazilian referees Wilson Seneme and Leandro Vuaden lost their chances due to repeatedly failing FIFA fitness tests and were replaced by Sandro Ricci. This time, Patricio Loustau (ARG), Wilson Lamouroux (COL, photo) and Adrian Velez (COL) failed the FIFA interval test on 14 October. Two days later, Loustau passed the Yo-Yo test, while the results of Velez and Lamouroux are not yet known. The FIFA fitness instructor for CONMEBOL, Christian Rosen, was not present during the testing sessions, despite having travelled to the course in Chile.

Source: Arbitro Internacional