Referee Di Iorio knocked unconscious in Argentina

A female referee was knocked to the ground after being hit square in the face from a free-kick during a game in Argentina last weekend.
Salome Di Iorio was refereeing a match between lower league sides Liniers and Centro Espanol when the incident occurred and forced her off the pitch. Di Lorio had just blown for a free-kick when the ball hit her straight in the face - with players from both sides and medical staff rushing to her aid. She immediately regained her senses and stood up, but was understandably unable to continue refereeing the match. Di Iorio was taken to hospital as a precaution following the incident, but thankfully suffered no long-term damage. Di Iorio, 34, also works as a lawyer. She refereed the 2009 final of the women's Copa Libertadores and was one of the officials during the women's tournament at the 2012 London Olympics, as well as the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Source: Daily Mail