FIFA AR removes shirt to protest corruption and manipulation

Algerian FIFA Assistant Referee Mahmoud Mounir Bitam said FA’s President asked him to fix games. Algerian football is in major crisis after a headline grabbing stunt from a linesman in the second division. The match between CA Bordj Bou Arreridj and WA Tlemcen was brought to a standstill when 39-year-old assistant referee Mahmoud Mounir Bitam took off his shirt and marched off the field. For the record, Bitam has refereed at the highest level in Africa, being an assistant in FIFA’s international matches.
The assistant referee’s shirt aimed accusations of manipulation at Hamoum Khelil, the head of Algeria’s referee’s committee, and Mahfoud Kerbadj, the head of the country’s FA. Mahmoud Mounir Bitam later told the press the Mahfoud Kerbadj has twice asked him to help fix the result of matches.
Bitam said that Kerbadj asked him to fix the cup final between Algeria MC Alger and USM Alger so that MC Algiers would win. He also said Kerbadj wanted to influence the cup semi-final between JS Kabylie and CRB Fakroun Ain so that JSK would lose “intelligently”. 

Source: Stadiums News