Fernanda Colombo between refereeing and modelling

While waiting to return to the field as assistant referee, after her mistakes in two matches in the Brazilian Cup and the Brazilian Championship in May, Fernanda Colombo is looking forward to become a model and learns the techniques needed to succeed in modelling. "Is it good?” she asks the photographer. “For me, this is all new, I'm learning", she justifies. Opportunities abound: appearances on TV programs and even the chance to change careers. "If I wanted, I could enjoy the moment, but my priority will always be refereeing", she says, now able to return to football, after being suspended for three games.

This should occur shortly after the World Cup, but her fame (and, of course, her beauty!) will turn again the eyes of Brazil. "It's hard being a beautiful woman and doing what I do now, where everybody knows me, which increases the pressure. People will pay more attention to me, but I'm not afraid. I will suffer prejudice as a woman, referee and now famous. But I am well prepared."

Fernanda is currently sharing a flat with two friends in Santa Catarina, presents a sports program on the web and dreams to live just from football, either as a referee or physical preparer, "posing nude, for example, is out of my plans, because it would hurt me in refereeing. I do not want to go through this trial". Fanatical about football since childhood, Fernanda is watching all the matches of the World Cup to learn from the referees. Off the field, this 23-year-old blonde elects David Luiz, Thiago Silva and Neymar as the best players from Brazil. "The best saga of the world is with us, Brazil is playing well, has plenty of chances to win the Cup”. 

Source: Extra