UEFA will record talks between match officials

UEFA president Michel Platini wants match officials' conversations in European matches recorded after a controversial goal in the Champions League semi-final between Bayern Munich and Barcelona. Thomas Muller appeared to foul Jordi Alba before the German side's third goal in their 4-0 first-leg win. "I don't believe nobody saw the foul. Why was nothing said? I want to know! I have asked the General Secretary to record conversations between match officials in all matches involving five officials", Platini (photo) said during a visit to the northern French city of Lille to check on preparations for the Euro 2016.
The Europa League was the testing ground for games using five officials, which saw two additional assistant referees standing behind the goals and communicating by headset. It has since been extended to Champions League matches and Platini says he wants to know why fouls were still being missed. The 57-year-old Frenchman said: "I understand the error of the referee who didn't see the foul by Mueller. But there were three international referees involved and none of them saw it. Something is not right. If the referee was on his own, he wouldn't have seen it, and two might not have seen it either, but, between three, they have to see it". Platini did, however, reiterate his opposition to using video evidence, insisting that the implication of such technology would be too expensive.

Source: BBC