Increased payments for referees in Bundesliga

The payment of referees in German professional football will be increased again for the season 2013/2014. DFB announced the new referee salaries after a meeting with representatives of the German Football League (DFL) and the referees in Frankfurt. In 2012, DFB had introduced a basic amount for the referees, independent of the number of their match appointments. Specifically, that means that Elite referees Felix Brych and Wolfgang Stark will now receive a fixed amount of 60,000 euro instead of the current 40,000 per season. This amount will gradually increase until the season 2016/2017, when it will be 75,000 euro. For their colleagues who referee at the international level or for at least five years in the Bundesliga, the salary is being increased to 50,000 euro instead of 30,000 euro and that amount will go to 65,000 euro in 2016/2017. For all other Bundesliga referees, the current salary of 20,000 euro will increase to 40,000 euro and later to 55,000 euro. The Bundesliga 2 referees, who previously received 15,000 euro, will earn 25,000 euro in the next season and 35,000 euro in 2016/2017. Match fees will remain the same: 3,800 euro in Bundesliga and 2,000 euro in 2.Bundesliga. “By increasing the basic amount for referees, the German Football League (DFL) and German Football Association (DFB) made another important step in the professionalization of referees”. Almost all of the first and second Bundesliga referees would have reduced working hours in their other profession and will have more time to invest in their football-related activities. "Therefore, it is a question of expenses, which will be financially compensated accordingly", said Knut Kircher, the German "Referee of the Year 2011/2012". The referees will work 30 to 40 hours per week. “This financial scheme allows referees to continue our task independently, flexibly and also to meet professional demands", said FIFA referee Florian Meyer (photo). The DFB decided last year to introduce the basic amount for referees, but not professional referees, as repeatedly requested by FIFA, considering that it is better to pay referees and at the same time to get them job flexibility. "The demands on our top referees are getting higher. Therefore, it is the common goal of DFB and League, to offer them a professional environment in order to optimally prepare for their tough task and can concentrate on the game. We adapted our approach to the economic situation of the referees in other major European leagues, such as Spain and Italy", said DFB President, Wolfgang Niersbach.
In the upcoming season, there will be 22 referees in Bundesliga and 20 referees will be used in the second division, but no additional assistant referees in Germany. "The DFB and the German football league are for the introduction of the goal-line technology. But that will not happen before the 2013/14 season", said Niersbach. He made ​​it clear that the DFB will introduce the technology in the future. "We agreed with our referees that we, unlike UEFA, will not use additional assistant referees", he said. However, Niersbach does not anticipate that the goal-line technology will be used in the DFB Cup because it is too expensive for amateur clubs.

Sources: DPA/ Kicker