Paradas Romero quits refereeing over Mourinho polemic

Spanish referee Jose Luis Paradas Romero, 40, suddenly announced his early retirement. The match official from Malaga stated that his decision was due to "professional motives". However, a ticking off from the CTA Technical Director, Manuel Diaz Vega, for not sending off Jose Mourinho in the match against Rayo Vallecano could have been the deciding factor, as it was revealed on a Spanish radio station.
Paradas Romero (photo) announced his decision to Sanchez Arminio, president of the CTA, before the match Espanyol – Valladolid, for which he was originally appointed. His decision has resulted in his immediate replacement with Mateu Lahoz. Coincidently, Paradas is the only Spanish referee to have sent off Mourinho on two occasions – against Murcia and Villarreal. The first was in November 2010, in a Copa Del Rey match against Murcia. The second, in March 2012, was in a league match against Villarreal. After that match, when Paradas Romero also sent off Sergio Ramos, Mesut Ozil and Pepe, Real Madrid threatened the referee that he will never referee their team again. In spite of that, Paradas Romero was appointed to referee again Real Madrid on 17 February 2013, in a match against Rayo Vallecano. His decisions during this match have been discussed by Diaz Vega and resulted in the referee’s decision to retire prematurely. Paradas chose not to caution Lass for holding an opponent. The yellow card would have been the second for Lass and would have reduced Rayo to 10 players on the field. On the other hand, he sent off Sergio Ramos in the 17th minute, after showing him two yellow cards in only 50 seconds. Besides those incidents, Diaz Vega criticized him for not sending off Mourinho, when Real Madrid coach angrily protested against the referee’s decision to not show the second yellow card and send off Lass.

Source: El Mundo