Young referee attacked by a player policeman in Spain

Hector Giner Tarazon, a 17-years-old referee, has lost the spleen after being attacked by a player during a soccer match held last Sunday in the Valencian town of Burjassot (Spain). The National Police arrested on the same day a 27-years-old police officer, whose initials are Alberto M., for an alleged assault. The victim was admitted to a hospital in Valencia. "It's a little better and was able to sit down," said the boy's father, Jose Giner, "although it has lost all enthusiasm to referee, not talking about anything that happened". The hashtag #TotsambHector has been created on Twitter, where people can send him messages of support.
The brutal attack happened during a match of the Regional Second Division between Los Silos and Mislata UF. During the match, referee Hector Giner (photo) whistled a foul against Mislata and the aggressor showed his displeasure and insulted him. Upon receiving a red card and being sent-off, Alberto M. attacked Giner. The assailant punched him and, when he was on the ground, kicked him several times, according to confirmed police sources. His spleen burst. "Our players were there to protect him" says the president of Los Silos, Vicente Contreras, "but he was all bruised on the right side". The child was rushed to hospital Arnau de Vilanova, 10 minutes away from the football field, where he had to undergo surgery to remove his spleen. Right now, he is stable in the hospital, according to the Ministry of Health.
The assailant was detained in the camp itself, which closed its doors after the attack to prevent escape. The player has no history and is accused of an alleged assault. The National Police has confirmed that he actually is a police agent with the protection and safety unit! "It is justice and if necessary we will open a disciplinary inquiry", police sources said, who want to preserve the identity of the perpetrator "not because he is a cop, but because we proceed in the same way if it is a firefighter or journalist". Sources from the Valencian Superior Court of Justice in Paterna reported that the magistrate on duty ordered the release of the policeman from custody. The agent is charged in an ongoing case for serious injuries. The court has notified the Police "to adopt appropriate internal measures". Meanwhile, Mislata has dismissed the offender from the football club. The Referees Committee of Valencia regretted the incident and now expects to receive the match report, which could not be completed by the referee right after the game. Within two weeks, estimated time when it is complete, will decide whether to suspend the aggressor for life or just for a season, because he has nohistory. The Committee has made available to the child for legal services if he wants to raise a complaint and to ensure that the police filed an ex-officio report.

Source: El Pais