Buckley has retired

Peruvian referee Georges Buckley De Meritens, 39, informed CONMEBOL about his resignation from refereeing, so he will be no longer appointed by the Referees Committee for international matches. 
Buckley has been a FIFA Referee since 2006 and refereed matches in Copa Libertadores, South American U-20 and U-17 Championships, as well as World Cup qualifiers. A few years ago, he was not allowed to enter Chile to referee a Copa Libertadores match because of his problems from the past. It is alleged that he was deported from Chile when he was a student with an interdiction to enter that country for several years. In 2010, Buckley was selected by FIFA for the Club World Cup, but, at the last minute, he was replaced by Victor Carrillo. According to Generaccion.com, Buckley was not able to attend the fitness tests, claiming that he had been kidnapped and all his belongings were stolen. He was asked to prove the incident by providing police reports. After that episode, he was never selected again for any FIFA tournament.

Source: Arbitro Internacional