Paixao loses his FIFA badge

Bruno Paixao, 38, is not on the list recently sent by the Portuguese Federation to FIFA and will lose his international badge at the end of this year. The referee is challenging the Referees Committee decision to change the mark he received at Gil Vicente – Sporting and will appeal his demotion to the Administrative Court of Lisbon.
In Portugal, an international referee loses his FIFA badge is he finishes below the 12th place in the domestic standing in two consecutive seasons. Paixao ended the season 2011/12 as 14th, after the previous season he finished 17th. The referee from Setubal will appeal the 14th place from 2011/12 by challenging the final mark he received in the game Gil Vicente – Sporting. After Sporting appealed the assessment of the referee observer, the Referees Committee decided to lower Paixao’s mark ​​from 3.4 to 2. This change turned out to have implications for the classification of the referee, who fell from 8th to 14th place. Bruno Paixao already decided to appeal to civilian courts, based on the assumption that his concern violates the labor law, one of the exceptions laid down by FIFA.
Paixao, who has been a FIFA referee since 2004, received threats from Sporting fans in the spring and was forced to leave his home from Setubal, along with his family, following a suggestion from the police, who considered that the threats could not be ignored. That situation occurred at the end of the week when the personal data of Portuguese referees were posted on the Internet. Addresses, phone numbers, everything was exposed for two days.

Source: Record