FIFA Referee Clos Gomez got hit by a bottle thrown by a player in Spain

Carlos Clos Gomez, the referee officiating at Granada's dramatic 2-1 home defeat to La Liga champions Real Madrid, appeared to be hit by a plastic bottle thrown by one of the home players amid angry scenes at the final whistle. Granada players surrounded referee Clos Gomez, who showed straight red cards to Guilherme Siqueira and Moises Hurtado before Daniel Benitez threw a bottle at the match official. Benitez, a 25-year-old Spanish midfielder, had been substituted at half-time, but joined in with the hordes of Granada players and officials swarming round the referee to complain about the penalty kick for Real Madrid with nine minutes to go, which Cristiano Ronaldo converted for the equaliser before a late own goal sealed the Los Blancos win.
Clos Gomez reported the incidents as follows: "At the end of the game, while still on the field, Granada player no. 24, Moises Hurtado told me "you are a thief" and I sent him off. I have also sent off Granada player no. 6, Guilherme Siqueira, for telling me "you are a villain". After showing these two red cards, Granada player no. 11, Daniel Benitez, threw at me a bottle of 500 ml. full of fluid, provoking a small swelling on my left cheek, with no need of any medical assistance so far. Once in the tunnel, Granada player no. 6, Guilherme Siqueira, told me "you are a bastard". Also, Granada player no. 22, Alex Geijo, has addressed me with "you destroyed us all season", while Granada player no. 24, Moises Hurtado, once out of his playing uniform, screamed at the match officials "you are all villains".

Source: Marca