Webb praised for his quick actions

On 17 March 2012, Howard Webb was appointed to referee the FA Cup match between Tiottenham and Bolton, with Chis Foy, who was also in the South Yorkshire Police Force with Webb, as fourth official. In the 41st minute of the match, at the score 1-1, Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed in the middle of the pitch while Bolton goalkeeper Adam Bogdan was preparing to take a goal kick. After many minutes of paramedics attempting to revive Muamba from a possible cardiac arrest or epileptic fit, Webb called the game off with many former and current officials praising Webb's actions and quick thinking. After a session with a psychologist, Webb was later excused by the Premier League as fourth official for the following day's match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester United.
The high level of emergency medical care Fabrice Muamba received at White Hart Lane was the result of measures the Premier League put in place after Petr Cech suffered his serious head injury in 2006. The medical teams from both Tottenham and Bolton received praise for the treatment they administered during those shocking scenes, as did the match officials. As senior refereeing official Dermot Gallagher said, it helped enormously that Webb and fourth official Chris Foy are police officers. But the level of care Muamba received from medical staff owed much to the way the Premier League reacted to the Cech incident at Reading. Chelsea made an official complaint that led to a Premier League and FA review. As a result the following measures were introduced:
  • An ambulance must be located at the ground for exclusive use of players.
  • Each club must have their doctor at Premier League games.
  • The doctor must be seated on the trainers’ bench.
  • All doctors and physiotherapists must complete AREA (Advanced Resuscitation and Emergency Aid) training course.
  • At least two paramedics must be available pitchside to deal with on-field emergencies.
  • The home club must provide the away club with a medical information sheet containing key contact numbers and the location of nearest hospital.
  • Home club must have available mandatory medical equipment as prescribed by Premier League.
  • Annual medical examinations must be carried out on all players.
After last Sunday’s incident, Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: “We would like to praise the players, match officials, staff and medical teams of both clubs for their swift actions in attending to Fabrice”. On 19 March, it was revealed that Muamba's heart was beating without medication and he had begun moving his arms and legs. During the afternoon he was still listed as being in critical condition and being closely observed, but by the evening his condition was being described as serious and he was also able to recognize family members and respond to questions appropriately.

Source: Daily Mail