Greek FIFA Referee escaped bomb explosion

An unknown person blew the furnace of Petros Konstantineas’s bakery in Kalamata. The store was completely destroyed, while the well-known FIFA referee escaped by a miracle. The explosive device exploded at 1:20 in the morning in the oven kept on the famous Messinian referee in Kalamata, who escaped miraculously as he usually begins his work in the shop by 1:00 a.m., but Wednesday night he was late to go to work. The furnace was destroyed. The powerful explosion also caused considerable damage to cars parked near the spot, but also in adjoining buildings and shops. Fortunately, due to the late night hour, there was no human trauma, and Konstantineas escaped by chance.
Petros Konstantineas (34) is the newest Greek FIFA referee, receiving his international badge at the beginning of 2012. The Greek Football Federation sent out a press release: "The Central Referee Committee condemns in the strongest possible terms the murderous attack against the international referee Petros Konstantineas, which resulted in the destruction of his business. Indiscriminate attacks, as this one against Petros Konstantineas, are a blow to the Greek football and create conditions for halting the progress sought by all forces. We expect the competent national authorities to clarify the causes and the identity of the perpetrators and instigators of the attack. We are positive that the authorities are in a position to quickly discover the truth about the attack against Petros Konstantineas in order to offer valuable assistance to the Greek football in its attempt to correct the wrong doings and improve its public image."

Source: Referee Revolution